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. not adept

I was not adept enough to discover My next stage was Bassano, a town in the territory of Vincenza in Italy, situated at the end of a very long narrow valley It is watered by the river Brenta, which washes that very rich, fertile, serene, healthy, and plen¬tiful district of Italy, so celebrated for its admirable wines, as well as for its fine pasture-grounds, rich corn¬fields, and prodigious abundance of game, cattle, and mulberry-trees; from all which it is called the Garden sod Shambles of Venice The next day I arrived at an early hour at Venice, the description of which I shall not injure by commencing it with the mutilated fragment of a letter, and shall there¬fore postpone it .to Tory Burch Outlet my next Thus, my dear FaKnaaicx, have I in order to pre¬serve the unity and order of my progress, brought you throogh Germany with a precise regularity, that, if I was not wishing for your improvement, might be dispensed with—yet have left much, very much indeed, untouched, » in the confidence that you will yourself have the industry to find it out I confess, my dear boy, that I have often, as I Tory Burch Shoes wrote, detected myself in excursions from the road into moral reflection—but I could not stop: your improvement was my object in undertaking the business ; and I could not refrain from endeavoring to inculcate such lessons as the progress of the work suggested, and as impressed my proceed further, I most call to your remembrance what I have often said, that by liberty I do not mean that which toiae people now give that name to—nor do I mean religion when I speak of bigotry ; fur true Hberty is still more incompatible with anarchy than with despbtism, and superstition is tbe greatest enemy of religion. Let' the first object of your heart and soul be true morality —the next, rational liberty : but remember, that the one is not to be found' independent of religion, nor the other over to Tory Burch Flats be enjoyed but under the restraining hands of wholesome laws and good government—such as England now boasts. In these times, when human opinion is actually polled on the two extremes of political judgment, I know, that to speak rationally, is to incur the censure of both, or to be, as Pope somewhere says, "by tones- called a whig, by whigs a twry:" but I care not—I speak my opinion with the fair fice of independence ; nor would scruple to tell the King of Prussia my hatred of despotism, or the Convention of France my abhorrence of anarchy— between both of which the true and genuine point of K« berty lies ; and England, thank God! draws the lint. l£TT£M XXIV.


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