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the people

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the people
And it came to pass when Alma had heard these words, he wrote them MBT down, that he might have them, and that he might judge the people of that church, according to the commandments of God. And it came to pass that MBT Shoes Sale Alma went and judged those that had been taken in iniquity, according to the word of the Lord. And whosoever repented of their sins and did confess them, them he did number among the people of the church; <a href="">MBT Sale</a> and those that would not confess their siss and repent of their iniqhity, the same were not numbered anjOngthe people of the church, and their names were blotted out. And it came to pass that Alma did regulate q11 the affairs of the church; and they began again to have peace and to prosper exceedingly in the affairs of the church; walking circumspectly before God; receiving many, and baptizing many. And now all these things did Alma and his fellow-laborers do, who were over the church; walk¬ing in all diligence; teaching the word of God in all things, suffering all manner of« afflictions; being persecuted by si), those who did not MBT Trainers belong to the church of God. And they did admonish their brethren; and they were also admon¬ished, every one, by the MBT Sale word of God, according to his sins, or to the sins which he had committed; being commanded of God to pray without ceasing, and to give thanks in all things. And now it came to pass that the persecutions which were inflicted on the church by the unbelievers, became so great, that the church began to murmur, and complain to their leaders concerningjthe matter; and they did complain *00K 6F H0SO*. <a href="">MBT Sale</a> M Alma. M AhnU laid the cafse before their king Mo- rfah And Meeiah consulted with his priests. And it ctune to pass that king Mosiah sent a proclama tion throughout the land ro\ind about, that there should not any ahbeliever persecute any of those who belonged to the church of God: and there was a strict command throughout all the churches, that there should .be no per¬secutions among them; that there Should be an equality among all men; that they should let no pride nor haughti¬ness disturb their peace; that every man should esteem his neighbor as himself, laboring with their own hands for their, sspport; yea, and all their priests jmd teachers should la- . tor with their own hands for theiT support, in all cases save it vere in sickness, or in much want? and doing these things, they did abound in the grace of God. Ana there begart to he much peace again in the land; and the people began to be very <a href="">MBT Sale</a> numerous, and began to scatter abroad upon the fjiceofthe earth; yea, on the north and on the Bouth.


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