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having withdrawn

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having withdrawn

The Speaker having withdrawn, Henry Hubbard was substituted as Speaker, and acted that day. The Speaker having withdrawn, George W. Hopkins was sub- . stituted, and acted that day. NOT .—It is the intention of the Compiler, should this work be patronized by Congress, to insert in a future edition, among other matters of interest, a complete list of the Representatives and Delegates in Congress, from the several States and Territories, from the commencement of the Government. 6. Table of the Names, Residence when Appointed, Time of Appointment, atirf Expiration of Service of the Clerks of the House of Representatives of Tory Burch Shoes the United States. Expiration of ser¬vice. Time of appoint ment. John Beckley Jonathan Williams Condy John Holt Oswald John Beckley Patrick Magruder Thomas Dougherty Matthew St. Clair Clarke Walter S. Franklin Hugh A. Garland Matthew St. Clair Clarke Caleb J. McNulty o o o FT Benjamin B. French Virginia. Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Virginia Maryland .... Kentucky Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Virginia Pennsylvania. Ohio 1 April 1789 15 May 1797 9 Dec. 1800 7 Dec. 1801 26 Oct. 1807 30 Jan. 1815 3 Dec. 1822 2 Dec. 1833 3 Dec. 1838 31 May 1841 6 Dec. 1843 18 Jan. 1845 N. Hampshire 15 May 1797 9 Dec. Tory Burch Flats 1800 7 Dec. 1801 26 Oct. 1807 28 Jan. 1815 1822 2 Dec. 1833 20 Sept. 1838 31 May 1841 6 Dec. 1843 18 Jan. 1845 Present incum¬bent. G3 OO o The House of Representatives met 4th March; formed a quorum on 1st April, and then elected a clerk. Resigned. Died during recess. Died. Dismissed. CHAPTER 8. THIS CHAPTER IS DEDICATED TO THE EMINENT JURISTS WHO HAVE OCCUPIED AND CONTINUE TO OCCUPY THE BENCH OF THAT AUGUST TRIBUNAL, THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, From the 4th March, 1780, to the 3d March, 1847. CHIEF JUSTICES OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. JOHN JAY, of New York, appointed by the President with the ad¬vice and consent of the Senate, 26th September, 1789. Nomi¬nated 16th, and confirmed 19th April, 1794, Envoy Extraordinary to England. Resigned as Chief Justice. Successor appointed 1st July, 1795. JOHN RUTLEDGE, of South Carolina, appointed 1st July, 1795, in recess of Senate, in place of John Jay resigned, and presided on the Bench at August term, 1795. Nominated 10th, and rejected by Tory Burch Outlet the Senate 15th December, 1795. WILLIAM CUSHING, of Massachusetts. Nomination confirmed and appointed, &c., 27th January, 1796, in place of John Jay, re¬signed. Declined the appointment. He was then an Associate Justice.


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