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the following facts

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the following facts

appeared some time MBT Trainers since in the "new-orleans observer." mr. g. was in easy circumstances as to property, and held a respectable situation in life. his character for probity and honour was high, and few men have enjoyed more fully the confidence of all than did mr. g. in his domestic relations he was eourteous, kind, and digni¬fied . but all his high morality MBT Shoes was of this world, and not of the gospel. except when visited by the minister of a neighbouring church, or some other pious friend, his house knew not the sound of prayer. religious conversation was almost as rare, though usually on the sabbath he would read the bible, or MBT Sale some religious work, the MBT Shoes Sale merits of which would call forth a casual remark. at the time to which the history refers, the eldest son, c., was about eighteen years of age, and till then had been remarkably healthy MBT and athletic ; but now was visited by a severe attack of typhus fever. the progress of the disease was rapid, and in a compara¬tively short time fatal symptoms were very evident. this information was* in the evening communicated to mr. g., and in the course of the night to his son. he received it with surprise, but entire composure. he inquired for his father, but hearing he was asleep, chose not to wake him before day, however, the father was at the side of the sick-bed, when a con¬versation commenced in nearly the following words : —" father," said the young man, " the doctors tell me i must die; they say they can do no more for me." " i know it." " well, father, i have one, and but one favour to ask you ; will you grant it 1" "i will, my son, if it is possible ; ask me anything i can do, it shall be done." " father! i want you to kneel down by my bed-side and pray for me." " i cannot, my son; i cannot." "do, father, pray for me! you never prayed for me; pray for me while i can yet hear!" "i cannot, my son; o, i cannot." dear father, you never taught me to pray to the jiord jesus, and now i die ; you never prayed for me—this once! o, do not let me die without my father's prayers." in an agony of weeping the father rushed out of the room. the otherwise kind and indulgent parent had thus long neglected his own soal, and also the soul of that beloved son, and now could not find a heart to grant his dying request for one father's prayer to the father of mercies. "mother, you have ruined me."


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