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a minister in the

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a minister in the

city of new-york was, a few years since, called in to visit a dying young lady, about twenty years of age, wljp was heiress to a large estate, whose parents were doatingly fond of her, and whose education was of the highest and most fashionable character. the minister talked of death, judgment, and eternity; but the young lady had never before MBT Shoes Sale heard such language addressed to her, and she trembled. in the dying hour she called for some of her fine clothes ; and when they were brought, she looked at her mother, and said, " these have ruined me. you never told me i must die. ' you taught me that my errand into this world was to MBT Trainers be gay and dressy, and to enjoy the vanities of life. what could you mean? you knew i must die, and go to judgment. you never told me to read the bible, or to go to church, unless to make a dis¬play of some new finery. mother, you have ruined me." she died in a few moments after. "good to love father.* a father once said, playfully, to his little daughter, a child five years old, " mary, you are good for no¬thing. * " yes i am, dear father," replied she, looking thoughtfully and tenderly into his face. 44 why, what are yon good for; pray tell me, my dear v " i am good to love yon, father," replied she, at the same time throwing her tiny arms around bis neck, and giving him a kiss of unutterable affec¬tion. impious complaining. a peksoiv, with not very ample means of support, was burdened with a large family. a neighbour had MBT just called to tell him of a friend who had got a prize in the lottery, when he was also informed of the birth of his twelfth child. he exclaimed, peev¬ishly, " god sends meat to others, children to me." it so happened that god, at whose government he had so impiously murmured, sent him those riches he longed for. but as he MBT Sale sent him the wished-for wealth, he deprived him of the children he had com¬plained of. he saw them one by one go to the grave before him ; and in advanced life, and great affluence, when he endured the stroke of MBT Shoes having his last be¬loved daughter taken from his eyes, he bitterly re¬membered (it is hoped with salutary bitterness) his former rebellious murmurings against god. nobility in rags. . upon one of my visits to the various ragged schools in london, i became much interested in a lad of ten or eleven years of age.


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