Back in the early spring

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Back in the early spring

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Back in the early spring

Jinxian Gong group do kill the son, lest the throne threatened. Then, he introduced the family surname, positive change ahead, and meritocracy to replace cronyism. So the international dominance, mostly in the State of Jin. But there are disadvantages favorable things, Jinguo Guo Jun did not develop a large family control the experience of a different surname, get a different surname for war with a large family feud and the increasingly powerful in the seal on the ground, their generation stipendiary, hereditary office, the accumulation of military and economic strength above the top of the monarch, and finally control the family of the monarch, the final three points Jin. Wei Wenhou from the "three sub-Jin" in the feudal system summed up the hazards: letters to the Bureaucrats large family to separate fiefdoms, let Bureaucrats family and expanding, is the monarch's way of death. So Zhao, Wei, Han vassal state of the three new monarch, the process of destruction birkenstock sandals from the Jin learn that he was under constant guard wins the right to repeat the story of Jin before. Jin Guojun as warning them to, have to strengthen monarchical power, through reform, from the "Commonwealth of the ruling multi-family" to "centralized autocratic monarchy" transformation. Jin the three points of great significance for the history of China, Zhao, Wei, Han historical trend to strengthen monarchical power, and finally coming together into the future of China in the Qin Dynasty imperial despotism. Zhao, Wei, Han Guojun is how "many ruling families of the Commonwealth" to "centralized autocratic monarchy," the transformation it? The first is ideological, the monarch should constantly emphasize their lofty position in the courtiers. Earlier, Zhao no shirt awards during the siege that has been respectful to kowtow to his persistent fool is to encourage Chongjun Si think. Zhao praise for former team without shirts at Nine Lives of Yu Rang, this is a people Sung Jun education sector. However, ideological and political work alone is not sufficient to strengthen the monarchical power, and had to start from the mechanism, only to kill the family of the feudal privileges Bureaucrats restraint in order to completely birkenstock outlet avoid the intrusion of monarchical power Bureaucrats family, the three sub-Jin such historical tragedies. And this great work to give people at the time the law came into being to achieve. Weiwen Hou Kui subordinates, is the founder of Legalism, just adapted to this need. Kui former school of Confucianism, and learn through the future, they create a one detached Kung Fu - Legalism. Wei Wenhou know he capable large, on the appointment of Li Kui to "phase" (the civil service so long, always makes government), making the first of Wei as "will, relative to" sub-system of the country, to facilitate birkenstocks construction of specialized cadres. Kui Legalist reform is the earliest among the nations. Kui the idea is to replace the Bureaucrats by professional bureaucrats to reform those hereditary large family's life, so they pose no threat monarchical power, which is the fundamental Legalist thought. These bureaucrats are not recruited to occupy the land, local land army is also the state, he had only a limited schedule right. Career bureaucrats to replace hereditary big family, so as to avoid a large family owned land in the right of hereditary weight of letters, out of thin air and expanding, and against the monarch, to avoid repeating past mistakes Jin divided into three. Legalism also requires the fief of a large family to counties, birkenstock the county directly to firmly grasp control of the hands of the monarch, the tax directly to the monarch, not the birkenstock shoes former fief of the Jin Kingdom family. Counties to appoint officials to the central administration and tax management, and implementation of "the phase" separation of two mutual supervision,


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