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to avoid concentration

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to avoid concentration

of power in one person Quan Chen. Secretary of State can only be an officer, but not to the manor, nor give them the opportunity to hereditary office, to avoid the accumulation of their age, dominated national policy. Legalism also helped the monarch as "Law, Tactics, Force" to monitor the servant. This trend eventually to the emperor era, in order to completely replace the system of prefectures and counties of the feudal system replaced the autocratic monarchical power elite (big family) and political groups, enter the feudal imperial China from the era. The "professional bureaucracy" as the characteristics of the monarchical authoritarian societies, not only help to consolidate monarchical power and political stability, but also an objective to open the door to a commoner in politics, rather than the government monopoly for the Bureaucrats family members, thus giving as Qi, Yue sheep that no commoner large family background, his early scholars of the opportunity. The law also can help strengthen the monarchical, authoritarian society is a unified symbol of monarchical power, Kui good use of this weapon. He brings together the provisions of national laws, compiled a "law by the" to decree a means of discipline and reward control officials and people at all levels, so that bureaucrats have heard the words of the monarch, as the legal blueprint for the future Han. Later, Shang Yang is with a "law by" sending the Gospel to the people of the state birkenstock of Qin. The Kui, Shang Yang, who advocate laws, hence the name Legalism Legalism, but it contains far past that. The establishment of vocational bureaucracy to law constraint bureaucracy in order to achieve unified autocratic monarchical power, strengthen monarchical power, which is the core idea of legalism, but also future generations of Chinese emperors, often favored legalism reasons. Emperors sign "within the law outside the Confucian" - looks like Confucianism, Legalism is the real inside. Legalist reform aims to birkenstock shoes strengthen the monarchy, there is a positive. Particularly in times of war, the change removes Bureaucrats Legalism family fief in their separatist forces on and replaced by the county, the state can Zuanjin a fist outward. As professional bureaucrats is open competition for the past, but also stress the importance of legal means to restrain bureaucratic incentives, government efficiency than the children of the family monopoly of the Government Bureaucrats much higher. Final Fuguoqiangbing, dominate the nations. We say, who "unified monarchical despotism" as far as the way the first go, whoever the most successful. The earliest reforms Wei, the first high rise as the Warring States Period. Later Qin, people are better (Shang Yang), then the state of Qin from behind, the strongest national strength, and ultimately dominate the world. birkenstock outlet However, one yuan autocratic monarchical power, though good, if extreme, for he is a "tyranny." Law to the extreme, that is, "Kefa." Qin finally possessed by the devil in these two dimensions, pushed their own birkenstock sandals stage of history, as a short-lived dynasty, was criticized for later generations. Tai Wei birkenstocks Wenhou the early fourth century BC, June Xiaoshui, Weiwen Hou's some change to make Wei as doping, become the first strong Warring States Period. Soon Wei Wenhou happily died, the new Pan-Wei Wuhou succession on stream in the Yellow River. Qin Jin strait is the Grand Canyon, the west is the state of Qin. Qin eastern edge of the land in Shaanxi (west of the land) is occupied by Qi, straight can be a direct threat to Qin. Appreciation of the father and the Qi of the country lay,


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