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looking at the Yellow

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looking at the Yellow

River Choi forceful Mindanao plateau landscape, Wei Wuhou can not help but cheer up, praise: "How beautiful ah! The rivers and mountains more than solid insurance ah!" Flattering experts - Dr. King was wrong fuel to the flames quickly : "This is the basis for your Chengjiubaye ah!"Unexpectedly, some people come forward, saying enlightening: "I do not agree! Rivers and mountains of insurance, inadequate birkenstock sandals to protect boat too!." Wei Wuhou gasped, the heart that such a big voice who ah. It has been guarding the Qi River! Qi is also now on board, said: "Lord king, then, is the crisis country road. Wang Jun wrong and echo the words of the Lord is dangerous but dangerous." Wei Wuhou Fenran retorted: "Do not just criticize, then let me say something reason to. "" hegemony of the industry, rivers and mountains has never been in the hands of the insurance. Dongting Lake used to have three seedlings left and right with Peng Li Hu, Munsan north, south Mountain, Zhang Shi natural barrier, not virtue justice, the result is Yu beats off. Xia Jie of the country, left the door days, the right day River, Yique in the South, gut in the North, the policy of heartless, and exile of the Shang Dynasty. Shang Zhou of the country, the east door Bangladesh, the West has too much line, the former with the Yellow River, Changshan bear after the policy is not Germany, and King Wu of Zhou kill. this perspective, risk is also not in Germany. The ruler who trusted in Robinson (eunuch class) won birkenstock outlet the City field is better than the hero, only a wall in public, sooner or later the country was destroyed. "Wei Wuhou gas was disheartened, in order to save face, and good, said:" I heard today regarded as the words of the sage. River of the military, or continue to you, Mr. IPCC it. "Qi, then where the Xia and Shang dynasties also describes the border is important to future generations the history of one of the Xia and Shang. But people all know, Qi had a hard time coming out. Wei Wuhou father changed the principle of meritocracy, back to the old cronyism, birkenstock so politics is proven good old Tian phase. Wei new ground on all sides, antipodes thousands of miles, all the power Lai Qi. Tian is a large family of high rank, background fills, and even he admitted that, in leading the armed forces, into a column drum, the control thereof, the people learned to enrich the treasuries, Change practice, he does not like Wu Qi. But did it in order to strengthen monarchical power, limit the use of elite people. Qi is not satisfied there is no way, that yacht in the River by the flattery of his gas and Wang wrong, it began to pay close attention to that Qi's "good words": "Qi is a big capable ah, you just let him keep when a District of West River Twenty years without promotion, it is estimated he had quit Rights simmering. "Qi Wei Wuhou then doubt, sent with a" gold medal "Qi transferred back to the capital Yasumura River. Qi Yue Fei smarter than that, go back and do not know a birkenstocks good thing, pick up a little book, run away Chu went to a refuge. The reason to leave the Wei Qi, of necessity: restricting the use of Homo habilis, Homo habilis in particular surname, to prevent them from watching for monarchical power, which was then birkenstock shoes the ruler is three points away from Jin in the summary of the lessons. This trend has finally strengthen monarchical power in the next Qinhan Ming Qing "monarchical unification" imperial society becomes stronger, while the previous "multi-family, the Commonwealth of the ruling," the Shang and Zhou feudal times, gone. Advantage is that the regime be stable, there is not much regicide and Liu Qing fights, but the momentum of social change has also been killed. Qi fall into the hinterland. Superior carriage in the country south, out of the window is groaning Bi Ye, sad autumn. Years of neglect, to the vast two-phase process and way home. Qi stationed in the hearts of the fall,


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