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In the last century

Post  breagree on Thu May 05, 2011 4:01 am

In the last centuryIn the last century, the centre of seismic intensity, for that part of the band to which our earthquake belongs, was situated midway between the Gulls of St. Euphemia and Squillace. in Calabria: it has continued since to move to the northward, and its present centre, is somewhere between the Melfi focus, and that of the earthquake of December, . m fact, somewhere beneath, or north or south of. the great mountain knot of Muro and Bella, see Maps A and B. where the north and south, and the east and west Apennine Tory Burch Outlet ridges, cross each other.This slow secular movement of the centre of temporary intensity, along the line of locus, has been noticed by most of the Italian authors, Gnmaldi, Battista. and others. who During the same interval, to the westward of the Straits of Messina, the centre of temporary intensity, appears to have been moving westward, and seems to be at present nearer to the Palermo end of the island, than to Messma.These facts distinctly point towards some great conclusions. They indicate that the same forces, whatever they may be. that develop themselves, as volcanic vents, and as eartnquafces, are operative everywnere aiong tne lmesof the seismic bands; that is to say. along the axial lines of nearly all the great mountain ranges upon our globe.But that the intensity of these forces is greater by much, at some points along these axial lines, than at others: that the intensity remains constant nowhere, but shows itself paramount at certain points, for immense periods of historic time: that it wanes, and again waxes powerful, at the same point Vesuvius m volcanoes. Antioch in earthquakes, for example, both long m repose, again long in intense action : and that the points of greatest intensity at any given time, have been found to shift along the axial lines: now most active here, then further on, but slowly moving, and in the Tory Burch Sale Same direction, or expanding in both directions, as Humboldt says of the new Madrid band. in the same cycle oi time.Can we possibly, with these facts before us. rest in the commonlyreceived vague notion that volcanic and seismic action have their common origin, m an allpervading and perfectly uniformlydistributed, planetary temperature, increasing everywhere alike, by a uniform hypogeal increment ? Can we remain satisfied with Tory Burch Flats the pompous, but almost empty phrase, although sanctioned by a Humboldt, thatthey are due to the reaction of the interior of our planet upon its exterior; if the only meaning that we are to attach to the phrase is.


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