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Post  breagree on Thu May 05, 2011 4:02 am

that the reaction

that the reaction is that, of a universal ocean of heated or of molten matter, everywhere to be reached within Tory Burch Sale some certain limit of depth ? Do not the facts rather all point towards some cause that has been long present, and is so now, and still in action wherever mountain ranges have been elevated, as well as wherever volcanic vents have thrown or are throwing up, their linesof cones; bit whose nature mist be such, as is called locally and spasmodically into action, now most energetically at one point, now at another of the same line, but yet is never exnaustea ai any The discovery of the real nature of this cause will be the key to all true knowledge, both of volcanic action, which is only its symptom, and of all the forces that have produced. and do produce, the elevations, or. to speak more correctly, the changes of level of the surface, of our own and that of other planets. Earthquakes, then, demand to be regarded, not as themselves agents of permanent elevation of the land, which they cannot be at all, and with respect to which, even the greatest volcanic efforts accumulated cones upon our globe, are mere skindeep phenomena. We must regard seismic and volcanic phenomena as both Tory Burch Flats unequal effects and local evidences of a widespread, and constantly, but Tory Burch Outlet unequally acting, yet always active force, resulting in elevation; which is not evidenced indifferently all over the surface of the globe, but is mainly confined to broad bands conforming to its mountain ranges.The method of seismic investigation m this Report developed. indicates, that it is now m our power, more or less, to trace back, wherever we can find buildings or rums, fissured or overthrown by ancient earthquakes, the seismic centres from which these have emanated, in epochs even lost pernaps to History.In the ancient churches of Southern Italy, that nine centuries ago were founded by Lombard or Norman hands, in the massive walls of the Coliseum, the arches of the Campagna, the shattered columns of the Forum, we can still ascertain the direction, m which the shocks were delivered. and even approach to measure the forces, by which, while England was receiving its first Norman lords, these churches were ruined, and centunes before that, and the edifices of the Impenal cily, were overturned and destroyed.


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