ancient fluctuations

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ancient fluctuations

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ancient fluctuations

We can, therefore, in Italy, perhaps still more perfectly in Mexico and elsewhere, even yet, more or less recover the ancient fluctuations of position, of Tory Burch Outlet these centres of seismic intensity, and compare the intensity itself in past historic and at the present time.It is. therefore, no longer true to say if it ever were so with Humboldt, that " these waves of suceussion can be measured as to their direction and Tory Burch Flats force, but can in no waybe investigated. m the intimate nature of their alternations and periodical intumescences.'' Had this Report not already so very far exceeded the length which I had originally projected for it, some deductions of a practically constructive character, as to the proper methods of structure for safe houses and other edifices in earthquake countries resulting from my opportunities of observation in this research, coupled with previous professional knowledge, would have been not unsuitable, especially to our nation, the mother of so many colonies in earthquake regions.I must reserve such for some other opportunity, however, merely stating here my conviction, that the evils of the earthquake, like all others mcident to mans estate, may be diminished, or even nullified, by the exercise of his informed faculties and energies, by his application of forethought and knowledge, to subjugate this, as every other apparent evil of his estate, by skill and labour.The earthquake is. therefore, but the subject of superstition. when viewed or denounced as a curse or a Tory Burch Sale judgment Tory Burch Sale ; it is as much the operation of one part of a beneficent machinery, as " seedtime and harvest.'All human difficulties, to be dealt with, must be understood : were understanding and skill applied to the future construction of houses and cities in Southern Italy, few. if any, human lives need ever be again lost by earthquakes; which there must recur, in theirtimes and seasons.' In some degree this has been seen by Italian writers, and Colosimo. in his little account of the Calabrian shock of . points out some of the conditions that should be structurally observed.In conclusion.


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