Its price?

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Its price?

Post  dancelala on Thu May 05, 2011 9:41 pm

Why, Mr. Lee, my dear Mr. Lee, where did you get this charming flower?'—'Hem! 'tis a new thing, my lady; pretty, is it not ?'-«*' Pretty! 'tis lovely. Its price?* —' A guinea: thank your ladyship;' and one of the plants stood proudly in her ladyship's boudoir. 'My dear Charlotte, where did you get ?' &c.—' Oh! 'tis a new thing; I saw it at old Lee*s; pretty, is it not Pretty! 'tis beautiful! Its price!'—1 A guinea; there was another left.' The visiter's horses smoked off to the suburb; a third flowering plant stood on the spot whence the first had been taken. The second guinea was paid, and the second chosen Fuchsia adorned the drawing-room of her second ladyship. The scene was repeated, as new-comers saw and were attracted by the beauty of the plant. New chariots flew to the gates of old Lee's nursery-ground. Two Fuchsias, young, graceful and bursting into healthy flower, were constantly seen on the same spot in his repository. He neglected not to gladden the faithful sailor's wife by the promised gift;Blackhawks Jersey
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