I have been accustomed to think it

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I have been accustomed to think it

Post  jeekuty on Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:14 am

I have been accustomed to think it

what ordeals it has to undergo. There is the crushing of the cane, the seething MBT of the boiler. It must be clarified with clotted blood, and drained through grimy filters of charred bone The seeming purity of childhood has within it all the undeveloped refuse of human baseness, and all the dormant madness of passion, as the canesap contains the element of rum and treacle as well as of lumpsugar."" Sugar, Mr. Speaker. Will anybody dare to laugh at sugar now? So you think that the sin and shame of life clarify the spiritual syrup. That seems to me a dangerous doctrin For the purest lives will come out mere brown muscovado if your dirty purifying ordeal be necessary to fine crystallizatio I have been accustomed to think it wisdom ' to keep ourselves unspotted from the worl' But perhaps you think there ought to be one law for women and another for men ?"" I don't know that I think there ought to be, but I think practically there i Indeed, it is difficult to imagine the utter bankruptcy in morals which men would reach if it MBT Shoes were not for the inexhaustible fund of female purity, handed down from mother to daughter, whose influence redeems the confused conscience of one generation, and lays a wholesome foundation in the hearts of another: a foundation which sin and folly may overlay and smother for a time, but cannot root up and eras The foundation that is laid by the mother is built on by the wif"" You lay a very promising groundplan for mothers and wives tobuild o The nestconstructing instinct must be very strong to make them build at all."" No doubt it is, for nests there b But it is very possible that if they all knew exactly what awaited them, there would not be quite so many. But the same thing is true of all human affair If men and women knew beforehand what would MBT Shoes UK be the result of anything they proposed to do, they would seldom take the trouble of doing it. It is the headstrong blindness of mortals that works out the intention of Providenc We set about all sorts of endeavours with a brilliant anticipation of what will come of it. The anticipation turns out a delusion invariably; but something comes of the adventur Something which seems next to nothing in the hour of our disappointment, but which


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Re: I have been accustomed to think it

Post  situo2011 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:53 am

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