That is a very Scriptural receipt

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That is a very Scriptural receipt

Post  jeekuty on Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:14 am

That is a very Scriptural receipt

proves to have its value in the en We all begin life with the idea, that by some superior skill MBT Shoes in management, or some special good fortune, we are to escape the griefs and heartburnings and disappointments of which our elders tell us life is full, and to secure an extraordinary proportion of earth's brightest MBT Shoes UK treasures, which are said to be so thinly sprinkled; and even when the fairest prize falls to our lot, we MBT are very little better contente So say the wise people at least, and I believe most of it except the last ite For I think it must be a very thankless nature that is not satisfied with the best that is to be ha"" What is the best?"" Happines"" And what may happiness be, and what is it made of ?"Faith, hope, and charity. Faith, to begin with; charity, to go on with; and hope, to look forward to."" That is a very Scriptural receipt; but, speaking in human language, if you had three wishes, what would you ask for ?""A happy home, the will and the power to do good in this world, and a steadfast hope in the world to com"" What is a happy home P""You ask me short questions like the Catechis That will take a good deal of answering.""You ought to be very much flattered that I condescend to catechise you, and gratified that I have not confuted any of your definition Besides, I am making you a nice picture of my own happy home, on the understanding that you were to amuse me while I painte You are making a mere pretence of catching fish. You have not had a rise for the last half hour. Look at your hook to see if there is any bait on it, and tell me what is a happy home directly."" A happy home is an exceptional establishment, where the wife is always obedient and the husband is never domineering. Where the children never cut their teeth or have the measles, and the servantsnever get drunk or give warning. Where neither the master of the house has a latch key and a dinner bill at his club, nor the mistress has a taste for cold mutton and washing days"You needn't go any further. I am quite satisfied that the description is accurate," said I, with some asperity I suppose, for he looked up at me with so amiable and comical a look of intelligence, that I was forced to smile too for a moment: and then,


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