I blushed a littl I hope he did not observe

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I blushed a littl I hope he did not observe

Post  jeekuty on Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:15 am

I blushed a littl I hope he did not observe

feeling that I had shown a silly disappointment and illhumour at his breaking out of the serious tone, I looked down and became very busy with my drawing; and the weather appeared suddenly to grow more oppressively sultry. Here a fish rose and was caught; and I did not feel as if I pitied him the least bit in the worl But what was more terrible than all was, that he seemed to compassionate my confusion, and ventured a rash move himself to supersede it', and break the fall of my dignity. He said," Don't be angry with me; unless you wish to make me very unhappy; I hope my indiscretion is pardonableand he looked so sorry, and spoke in so kind and tender a tone, that, though the words were foolish MBT Shoes enough for it waB I who had been indiscreet and not he the foolish words touched m I wished to say that I was not angry j and to make Bome commonplace remark, as if nothing was the matter; but I could neither think of the commonplace remark, nor even find my voice to say I was not angry. Moreover, I did not look MBT up, though I felt his eyes were looking at me for the supposititious forgiveness he had mentione And I am ashamed to say I believe I blushed a littl I hope he did not observe it, for he turned away at the moment, with a scarcely audible sigh. I dared not meet his eyes; for I knew there was a dangerous expression in them MBT Shoes UK for me to look at, and felt certain that if I looked up there would be something in mine that would lead to a premature crisis of some sort.There was rather a formidable paus At last he said, "I wonder how much longer acquaintance it would take us to become perfect strangers agai"" Till we grow intimate enough to venture on a desperate quarrel."" Heaven forbid! But what is intimacy, and how does intimacy grow P It seems to me to recede with the advance of acquaintanc We have grown more distant and cautious in our conversation day by day. We used not to be afraid of one another's criticism It seems to me I remember all sorts of wild rambling talk that ran on freely and boldly without thinking about it, very different from the set phrases and solemn intervals of silence, which have come over our present interview for instanc"" It is easier to talk freely and familiarly on


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