The engraving must be prepared in the following manner

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The engraving must be prepared in the following manner

Post  mentoryer on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:35 am

The engraving must be prepared in the following manner

The engraving must be prepared in the following manner: The white paper must be cut off close to the edges of the engraving; it must be laid upon a clean table, with the picture downward, and moistened all over with a clean wet sponge. It must then be placed be tween two leaves of blotting paper, to dry it a little. Before putting it on the box, take great care to have it even, and to place it exactly where you wish it to be. Lay one edge of the print, picture downward, upon the damp varnish i holdthe other end suspended by the other hand, and wipe sue cessively over the back of the print in such a manner as to drive out all the air, a&d prevent the formationof bbstere Then touch it all over with a linen cloth, carefully, so as to be sure that every part adheres to the varnish. Leave it un til it is thoroughly dry. Then moisten the backtf the engraving with a clean sponge, and jrub it lightly backward and tor ward with the fingers, so as to remove the moistened paper m small rolls curled up. When the picture begins to appear, take great care lest you Tory Burch Sale rub ihrough. and take off some of the impression. As soon as you perceive there is a risk of this, leave it to dry. In drying, the engraving will disappear, because ii is siiii covered bv a verv snflrni mull m imdci, i oh. wm tmnK it is mere' wmte naner; dui mve n a coai oi varaian. ana it wm oecome enureiv iransnareni. onouia vou Tory Burch Outlet ov accident have removed any little places in the engraving, touch mem witn inaiawK ana irum water, mai no wmte itocks mav appear; but when Tory Burch Flats you put on your second coat of varai&h, you must take care to pass very lightly over the spots you have retouched. The box should be varnished as many as three times after the engraving is on; and suffered to dry thoroughly each time. The white alcoholic varmsh is the best. It should be put on in the sunshine, or near a warm stove. After the last coat is thoroughly dry, sift a little pulexizea xoiiensurae inrouflrn ccmrst mmsiiE, ana imonwith linseed oil end a soft rag; after being well rubbed,cleanse the box thoroughly with an old silk handkerchief, orsoft linen rag.


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