let it remain on the surface

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let it remain on the surface

Post  mentoryer on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:36 am

let it remain on the surface

Some say a very thin sizing of nice glue should be put on the box the first thing before it is varnished at all; others say it is not necessary.This process requires great patience and care ; but the effect is beautiful enough to pay for the trouble.Cut off the margin, and Tory Burch Outlet lay the print in a dish of hot water; let it remain on the surface till it sinks. Take it out carefully, and press it between cloths or paper, so that no water may appear on the surface; but the print must be quite damp. Then lay it face uppermost on a table ; have ready a plate of pure clean glass, free from spots or scratches; brush it over with some Venice turpentine and hold it to the fire a little to make it run equal and thin ; then let it fall gently on the print. Press ii down, that the turpentine may stick to the print; also press the print with your fingers from the middle to the edges of the glass, so that no blisters may remain. Now wet the print with a soft cloth, and rub it gently with your finger; the paper will peel off, leaving only the impression upon the glass. When it is drv, wet it over with oil of turpentine, till it transparent, and set it to dry, when it will be fit for painting. The colours are Tory Burch Sale the usual oils, and there is nothing in the process particular. The back of this painting is generally washed with piaster of Paris. hare Informed little girls how to do a variety of these dings, in which little skill and no practice is required; but I hope they will remember that these things are for amusement only. If they wish to become good painters, they must never indulge themselves in tracing what they have to copy; and they must study well the rules concerning distances and proportions. Sometimes you may wish to copy something that cannot be traced; sometimes it will be necessary to draw objects larger or smaller than your copyand what can you do then, if you know nothing about proportions f The power of copying correctly from nature is the most Tory Burch Flats desirable of all ao ceraplishraents; and in order to do this, you must have a knowledge of perspective, and practise in pencil drawing.


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