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</p><p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US">respecting doctrines of faith, we might
expect the same sort of statement; but we find it no where among the documents
of our Church : but her invariable language is, that she relies, in this
respect, solely and exclusively on
Scripture.&nbsp;antipapist.&nbsp;&nbsp;APPENDIX:NOTES.&nbsp;A. p. .&nbsp;It is
singular, that Irenaeus in his day,the end of the jjt ;<span style="">&nbsp; </span><a href="">Chaussure
Prada Homme</a> second century,ascribes the various degrees of fasting at
Easter, to the rusticity or rudeness of former times. In his letter to Victor,
bishop of Rome, partially preserved by Eusebius, speaking of Easter, he thus
proceeds:"Such '. is the variety of those who observe it, not begun now by
us, but long before by our predecessors, who kept it, as it appears, beyond
what was strict, having made for posterity a custom according to their
simplicity and rudeness, <b style=""><a href="">Chaussures Prada Femmes</a><span style="">&nbsp; </span></b>ko. awrXoT;Ta Kat
iSiiiTiayxovvulgarity." He then adds, that Irenaeus. this difference did
not, and should not, create disunion. " And nevertheless," he
observes, " all these were at peace, and we are at peace, one with
another: and the disagreement about fasting recommends the harmony of faith.&nbsp;tijy
ofAovoiav rrji irirTeeof.&nbsp;Irenaeus in this passage, <a href="">Bottes Timberland</a> gives us, most
probably, a key to many of the practices in the primitive church: which later
ages ascribed to the apostles. They began in " the simplicity and rudeness
" of the first ages : and how many&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;APPENDIX B. C.&nbsp;of
such things have been fathered, without any authority, B j on the apostles
themselves! Just and wellfounded, no "falor.' doubt, is what is said by Jeremy
Taylor in his ' Dissuasive from Popery," on this point. "
Traditions," he says," are said to <b style=""><a href="">chaussures Timberland</a> </b>be
apostolical, if they be but ancient; and if they come from we know not whom,
they are said to come from the apostles ; and if postnate, they are called
primitive : and Collection they argued and laboriously disputed into the title
of aposPol ┬░Disc<span style="">&nbsp; </span>tracon by not only
fallible, but fallacious argu&nbsp;p. . ments."&nbsp;N. B. There is an
omission of the word cap, after "stand up," in p. , line .&nbsp;B.<span style="">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>p. .&nbsp;J,et. i.p.. The Archbishop took
a wide and a charitable view of the subject, and seemed evidently aware of the
truth of what String Bishop Stillingfleet announces, when he says," </span></p>


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