The extreme sagacity and docility of

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The extreme sagacity and docility of

Post  wqr1989 on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:56 am

The extreme sagacity and docility of
True Religion Outlet The extreme sagacity and docility of this bird forms the best apology that can be made for the time which is spent in teaching it to talk. At tiffany sale sirst it obstinately resists all instruction, but seems to be won by perseverance ; makes a few attempts to imitate the sirst founds ; and, when it has once acquired the articulation of one word distinctly, the rest of its lesson is generally learned with great ease. The sagacity and docility, however, which tiffany jewelry outlet parrots shew in a domestic state, seem also natural to them in their residence among the woods. They live together in flocks, and mutually assist each other against their enemies, either by their courage, or their notes of warning. They generally breed in hollow trees, where they make their inartisicial nests. The largest kinds lay only two or three eggs; but it is probable that the smaller lay more. The natives are very assiduous in searching out the places where they nestle, for the purpose of procuring the young ;tiffany and co outlet
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because those prove the most teachable and lively which are reared in consinement. Indeed, the Indians are not anxious to possess these birds for their talking alone, for sale, or for beauty, but also for tiffany outlet food tiffany outlet ; since, though some of them are ill tasted, others are said to be very delicateeating, particularly those of the parroquet kind. Numerous as the specks are, and widely as they are disseminated over Asia, Africa, and America, yet it appears that they tiffany and co outlet were not very generally known by the ancients. The green parroquet with a red neck was the sirst of this family imported into Europe, and the only one that was described fromthe time of AJexander, to the age of Nero. There are several species of this singular bird, but all agree in having an enormously large bill, convex, and serrated at the edges ; which distinguishes this genus from all others. The common toucan is shaped like the jackdaw, and its size is pretty nearly the fame. The head is very large, and well calculated to support its vast beak, which is upwards of six inches in length, and in the thickest part, two in breadth. The tiffany & co outlet whole substance of this member is extremely shght, and almost as thin as parchment. The chaps are of a bright yellow, except on the sides, which are a beautisul red.


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Re: The extreme sagacity and docility of

Post  shoes89 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:28 am

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