The absence of it in the female

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The absence of it in the female

Post  hureebre on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:09 am

The absence of it in the female

The absence of it in the female is not difficult of explanation; and when we come to treat of her constitution, and of tho circumstances by which it is influenced, wo trust we shall be able to account for the peculiarity in question. Before bringing this branch of tbe subject to a close, we shall advert to the presence of hair in another region of the malo sex, viz., tho anterior surface of the chest. In some ]iersons it is exceedingly abnndant; while in others it may be considered as altogether wanting. As far as our observa┬Čtion extends, it is mostly connected with great activity of the enclosed organs and an ample expansion MBT Shoes of the thorax. It rarely, if ever, shows itself in profusion in this situation, without being MBT correspondingly copious in other parts of the body. The parietea of the chest are subject to considerable muscular movements, as in tho acta of respiration; but especially from tho frequent and violent actions of tho upper extremities, which rouse the nervous and circulatory powers throughout the tissues clothing the anterior surface of the thorax; consequently, according to a universal law of tbe animal system, chemical elemonts have to be emitted, and they arc thrown ont in the form of liair. Tho degree in which this appears, is in the ratio of the vigour of the constitution or the fulness of its energies, excited in the superficial region by tho muscular movements of the parts. Whon tho body is naturally weak or delicate, showing little hair on any region, except the head, tho anterior surface of the chest is smooth. In all snch instances, it it is cloar that there are no useless materials to be expelled from. the skin; and hence the scantiness of liair in those situations in which it is abundant in others, in whom tho powers of lifo MBT Shoes Clearance arc very different. CHAPTER V. THE CAUSES WHICH GIVE BISB TO A COPIOUSNESS OP I1AIB IN MAN. WE lmvc attempted to point out the structural and functional endowments necessitating the growth of hair in various situations, in some of which it is peculiar to man.


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Re: The absence of it in the female

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