As analogous vital conditions

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As analogous vital conditions

Post  hureebre on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:10 am

As analogous vital conditions

As analogous vital conditions distinguish tho organization of tho female, in whom it is less generally distributed, it might be urged, and with some force. that the facts and reasoning winch have been brought under consideration, do not, in the present stage of the investigation, MBT Shoes establish the soundness of the principles they are employed to support. To harmonize discrepancies of this kind is not tho diffi¬culty of the undertaking. They from the first suggested themselves, and a careful study of the laws regulating the operations of the animal system, enabled us to discover that the MBT Shoes Clearance differences in question were in accordance with tho pre¬dominating influence of dissimilar organs in each sex. While the two have many structures in common, exercising the same functions, they have MBT others performing offices veiy unlike, and stamping moro or less of their character on every part of the human frame. To trace their agency, as exciting or variously affecting the manifestation of vital phenomena, is the task we impose on ourselves on this occasion. In childhood, and early youth, tho two sexes, in sentiment, action, and bodily conformation, closely approximate. The same games and pursuits interest, and we observe no remark¬able differences in the outlino of their figure which is destined to bo developed in opposite directions, giving to each tho attributes which fit them for tho important ends of existence. At puberty, an extraordinary change takes place. Tho growth and activity of organs previously dormant, gradually intrudo their influence on the animal economy, and it is displayed in unmistakeable forms. The boy has reached tho point from which ho stops into manhood. Tho organs, which in him liavo acquired now life, are those of the generative system. There arc none other which merit attention, in the endeavour to analyse tho causes of tho deeply interesting structural modifications which fall under observation


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Re: As analogous vital conditions

Post  shoes89 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:28 am

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