The testicles enlarge, become

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The testicles enlarge, become

Post  hureebre on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:10 am

The testicles enlarge, become

The testicles enlarge, become sensitive, and secrete that peculiar fluid which is the source of remarkable constitu¬tional effects: the hair showing itself in several regions of tho face, and on the pubis. What is tho occasion of thoso organic conditions ? A new stimulus is clcarly conferred upon the body; MBT but what is its nature, or how docs it act 1 A satisfactory answer to the question will require a some¬what lengthened exposition of the vital powers. The semen which is secreted, is, in our opinion, in part absorbed and carried throughout tho body, exciting and in¬vigorating nervous matter, and MBT Shoes Clearance in consequence imparting new energies to every tissue. In favour MBT Shoes of this conclusion, striking facts are furnished by somo of tho lower animals at certain seasons. In them tho aroma of the seminal fluid is readily detected, and is so strong as to taint the flesh. Though tho secretion in man is not equally obvious in its effects, it is nevertheless produced, and if it has not its na¬tural issue, the absorption of it will occur according to the laws of the animal system. Fluids frequently accumu¬late in various cavities and afterwards disappear; whether from the action of absorbents, or other vessels, is a matter of no importance. If semen is collected in its receptacles, and is not emitted agreeably to tho exigencies of nature, it will to some extent be taken up and conveyed into tlto cir¬culating current; and at certain intervals, according to tho vigour or affluence of the powers of lifo, the same necessity will recur. On this subject the opinions of physiologists are divided. Somo entertain the view which is hero stated, regarding the secretion as gradually and imperceptibly taking placo during the intervals of copulation, and lodged in the vtsiculce scminale9 as a reservoir: others oontond that it is formed at tho moment of the demand. Tho probability is that it is generated under both these oonditions.


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Re: The testicles enlarge, become

Post  shoes89 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:27 am

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